Goodhead Tingle Drops 3 Pk 1 Oz French Vanilla Sweet Cherry And Cotton Candy



Good Head Tingle Drops 3 Pack 1 ounce bottles from Doc Johnson. This set of oral sex enhancers intensify blow jobs by tingling, teasing, and sweetening the entire package. Our Good Head Tingle Drops come packaged in easy to use 1 ounce drip bottles and three mouthwatering flavors: Sweet Cherry, Cotton Candy and French Vanilla. You will love the user friendly package and delicious flavors that effectively provide the perfect blend of great taste and delightful sensations. A couple drops are all you need!

Features: enhances flavor during oral sex. Delivers pleasurable tingling sensations. Vegan and PETA friendly. Includes three distinct 1 ounce bottles. Free from parabens and sugar. Proudly made in America.

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