Huj Tub Countertop Bin 15 Pc



Oxballs HUJ Cock Ring is our take on a basic ring most guys will want to use and use often. HUJ is a cock ring and, or ball ring. They can be used multiple ways, or more than one at a time. HUJ Cock Ring has a groove inside the ring that flattens out when worn, this keeps the ring in place and keeps a bit of lube between the ring and wearer. We design our rings with a flat inner opening, this keeps he ring from rolling so it will not snag or pinch. Materials Plus + Silicone a Thermoplastic Rubber TPR and Silicone blend. Dimensions width 2 inches, height 2 inches, depth .75 inch. Outer circumference 6 inches, inner circumference 3 inches. Fishbowl display with 15 assorted color cock rings.

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