Moreskin Hood Silicone Foreski Hood (light Color)s-m Size



Moreskin Hood Silicone Foreskin Light Color S/M Size from Oxballs. Moreskin Hood is a pure silicone faux foreskin hood. It is made from high quality Pure Platinum Silicone so it is soft and squishy like flesh. Each set of Moreskin comes with two different sized hoods to give you the best fit and feel whether you are soft or sporting a hard on. Moreskin Hood is a realistic drooping sheath. Our Moreskin is some of the only non-disposable faux foreskin hoods on the market. Cleaning instructions: Wash immediately after use with soap and warm water or a diluted bleach, water solution. Air dry, store product away from sunlight and extreme heat. Avoid storing product touching Thermoplastic Rubber TPR, Vinyl or other Silicone toys.

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