Ride Rocco Water Based Lube 4.2 Oz



Ride Rocco Water Based Lube 4.2 fluid ounces from Sliquid Lubricants. Ride Rocco Water Based lube is a super slick, water based lubricant that has been infused with natural seaweed extracts of Carrageenan, Nori, and Wakame. The addition of these extracts gives Rocco's water based lube that extra wet feeling, providing a slicker, longer lasting experience than other water based lubes on the market. Whether you are riding solo or getting into a hot man on man play session, Ride Rocco Water Based has got your front and backside covered because it will not become sticky or dry up quickly. A little bit of water will reactivate the slipperiness of this formula and it is super easy to clean up once you have reached your climax. Simply wipe away with a towel and you are good to go, making prolonged sessions, or quick hook ups, that much easier.

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