Str8cam Lube Hybrid 8 Oz



STR8cam Lube Hybrid is the best personal lubricant to help prolong lovemaking, to make your own masturbation sessions better and it's virtually required for anal sex. STR8cam Lube Hybrid is a water based hybrid lube that resembles the look and feel of natural lubrication Spunk. It is white and creamy, and feels unlike any other personal lubricant available. STR8cam Lube Hybrid is a water based personal lubricant blended with silicone. It resembles the look and feel of natural lubrication. Formulated with the highest quality ingredients. Lets you feel the sensation of skin to skin contact. Prolongs lovemaking. Makes masturbation more enjoyable. Virtually required for anal sex. Cleans up easily leaving no residue behind. Enjoy sexual intercourse like never before. Long lasting smooth glide. Safe to use with all condoms both male and female. Hypoallergenic formula. Non staining. Reactivates with water, saliva, and sweat. Not sticky, tacky, greasy or slimy. Safe to use with all materials from PVC, ABS plastic, Thermoplastic Rubber TPR, Thermoplastic Elastomers TPE, latex, silicone, rubber, glass. STR8cam Lube Hybrid is safe to use with all toys male masturbation devices, dildos, vibrators, butt plugs, cock rings, bullet vibrators. Award winning (TLA Video) Sex toy accessory of the year. Silky white, creamy, soft, velvety and smooth. Leaves your skin feeling soft and conditioned. Best for anal, vaginal, masturbation, solo, sex, toys and more. Award winning formula cleans up easily and is long lasting.

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