Noje G Slim Rechargeable Vibrator



Noje G Slim Rechargeable  variable 10 vibrating functions featuring 2 way scrolling. Deep rumbling vibrations. Waterproof vibrations. Easy to clean. Power rechargeable via USB magnetic recharging cable included. Size 8.25 inches in total length, 7.25 inches insertion length by 1.5 inches width. The elegant, powerful Noje G Slim is the perfect tool for internal G spot and external clitoral play. Point the curve towards your navel for deep, rumbling G spot pleasure. Explore the 10 vibrating functions. Two way scrolling allows you to move forward and backwards as you find the function that you desire. The magnetic USB charging cable clicks on, and the light indicator tells you when your toy is fully charged and ready to play! Noje is the Swedish word for pleasure. The Noje G Slim lives up to its name.

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