Goodhead Deep Throat Spray 2 Fl Oz



GoodHead Deep Throat Spray 2 fluid ounces from Doc Johnson. Go down easier. GoodHead Deep Throat Spray mildly numbs the back of the throat and suppresses the gag reflex to allow deep oral penetration without discomfort. This functional, flavorful spray is formulated for minimal medicinal taste and maximum effect in a variety of mouth watering flavors.

Features: delicious throat desensitizer. Helps minimize gag reflex. Mild numbing agent. Freshens breath. Easy to use spray nozzle. Directions: shake well before use. Spray into throat. One spray per use. Adults only. Warnings: allergy alert do not use this product if you have a history of allergy to local anesthetics such as procaine, butacaine, benzocaine or any other caine anesthetics. Active ingredient Benzocaine 5%. Proudly, made in America.

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