Hex Respect Xl Condom



Hex Respect XL Condoms 12 Pack from Lelo. Leading brand in intimate industry Lelo spent 7 years in development to deliver world first major condom innovation in 70 years. Using unique hexagonal structure, Lelo Hex condoms look and perform differently to any condom in the world today! Now bigger than ever thanks to huge customer demand, Hex Respect XL condoms are the latest from the world famous Lelo Hex range. Featuring the same blend of science, safety and sex appeal that makes Hex Original one of the best selling condoms, Hex Respect XL large size condoms take that technology and up sizes it for bigger guys. Natural latex condom. 0.045mm thin, 58mm diameter e or approximately .0017 inch, 2.28 inches. Lightly lubricated.

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