Watersport Strap-on Gag



Watersport Strap On Gag Police Blue from Oxballs. Oxballs Watersport is the first strap on watersports gag that is shaped to fit and can not leak. The mouth tube is part of the urinal with no seams or gaps and the strap tabs are designed to fit flush with the face. The urinal is deep and wide with a channel that funnels directly into the mouth piece this gag can handle any amount of flow. Our adjustable neoprene straps will fit any size head with X cross straps and a removable top strap for an extra secure fit. Oxballs designed our first strap on piss gag when we began making kink toys but is big, heavy and clunky. Watersports gag is lighter, it fits perfectly and is now the ultimate piss play toy. Made using Flex/TPR. Neck and head straps are fully adjustable.

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