Fetish Fantasy 9 In Hollow Squirting Strap-on W/ Balls



Fetish Fantasy 9 inches Hollow Squirting Strap On with Balls Brown from Pipedream Products. Now you can create the sensation of an ejaculating penis and feel more confident about your size. Enjoy satisfying sex with your partner long enough for both of you to reach orgasm with this ultra realistic squiring dildo. Fulfill cum play cravings and experience the length and girth you have always wanted! Simply squeeze the shaft and dip the head of the strap on into your preferred liquid, then release the pressure on the shaft to suck up the liquid. Now you are in charge! Squeeze the shaft any time for extra wet, extra wild pleasure. The comfortable elastic harness easily adjusts to fit most sizes, while the life like hollow dildo hits the right spot every time. It is perfect for men with ED, premature ejaculation problems or couples looking to add a squirting element to their fun. ​No messy bulbs that get in the way. The Fetish Fantasy Squirting Hollow Strap On is self contained and easy to use. Bulk weight 10 ounces. Package weight 13.75

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