King Cock Squirting Cock



King Cock  Squirting Cock Beige Dildo Real Deal RD from Pipedream Products. This King Cock Squirting Dildo is ultra realistic and will satisfy all your cravings for cum play! Hand sculpted with amazing attention to detail and featuring our exclusive Jizzle Juice squeeze bulb, the King Cock Squirting Dildos are the most satisfying ejaculating dildos on the market! Every King Cock Squirting Dildo is latex free, body safe, hypoallergenic. Refresh Toy Cleaner 1 fluid ounce included, Realistic Fanta, Phthalates Free, Waterproof, King Cock Jizzle Juice Lotion 2 fluid ounces included, Squirts. Materials PVC, Silicone. 19 Real Deal RD.

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