Jo 12 Volt Clitoral Stimulant 10ml



Jo 12 Volt Clitoral Stimulant from System Jo. JO Volt is an oil based topical formula designed to stimulate and heighten sensual pleasure with a thrilling buzzing sensation. This serum is designed to enhance libido, touch sensation and sensitivity during foreplay and solo-play. Formula is free of preservatives and contains no L-Arginine. Joyfully jolt yourself with buzzing pleasure using Jo Volt. An exciting topical stimulant available in two strengths; 9V regular strength and 12V maximum strength. This oil based formula is glycerin, paraben and glycol free, making it an ideal choice for sensitive skin types. Apply a little during foreplay, toy play or solo play for added pleasure. A little goes a long way. 12 Volt Ingredients: Oleyl Alcohol, Olea Europaea Olive Fruit Oil, Zanthoxylum Bungeanum Fruit Extract. .17 ounce. 4 new images added. 2021

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